Unexpected Closure of Childminder Setting Policy

I will endeavour to provide a service for the hours and times that I have been contracted to work.  However, very occasionally it may be necessary to close my childminding service.  This may be as a result of me being unwell and therefore unable to work. Please see my Sickness Policy.  There may be other occasions when I am unable to provide a service, for example:

  • Following emergency evacuation of my premises
  • Loss of power to my home
  • Mains water turned off
  • Heating broken
  • Gas leak
  • Flooding
  • Medical emergency for myself or a member of my immediate family
  • Death within the family

I will advise parents as soon as I can if I am unable to provide a service.  I will work with parents where possible to find temporary emergency childcare from my back-up childminders who are known to the child until I can offer a normal service.  I will make no charge if I am unable to provide a service.

I may be able to provide a limited service from a fellow childminders home during some of the above situations.  However, I would discuss any alternative arrangements with each individual parent/carer.

 Policy created- 14.1.18

Reviewed date- 1.1.2022