Sleeping Policy

I will discuss with you in detail the sleep routines you have established for your baby and how I can best accommodate them into my own routine and working day as I may have school runs and pre-school pickups to include. These discussions will need to be on going as the sleep needs of your baby will change as s/he grows and develops.

As a working parent you too need your sleep so it is vital that I work in partnership with you to provide a sleep routine for your child that fits your requirements. I will need to know how many naps your child normally has, for how long and at what times during the day.

  • When is the latest I can let your child sleep until without it affecting their night-time routine?
  • Do you want me to wake your baby after a certain length of time or can I let him/her sleep on?
  • What routine do you have to settle your child?
  • Do they have a dummy or comforter?
  • Where does your baby prefer to sleep?

I will regularly check your baby when s/he is sleeping, in person. I will note these and the total time slept in your childโ€™s daily diary.

If you ever have any concerns over your childโ€™s sleeping routine, please do discuss them with me and we can make arrangements to change times etc if necessary.

ย Policy created- 14.1.18

Reviewed date- 31.12.18