Sand Pit Policy

Whilst sandpits can provide great play and learning opportunities they can also pose several health and safety risks.  I do have a sandpit at my setting, however when we attend settings that do also have a sandpit, I will ensure that:

  • the sand is suitable for play
  • I check the sandpit for foreign bodies. Toxoplasmosis can be spread from cats to humans through dirty sandpits. Toxoplasmosis can harm an unborn child, but is usually a mild illness in children and adults. It causes a rash, swollen glands, fever and feeling unwell.
  • there are no insects living in the damp sand which may bite or sting children.
  • the children are closely supervised whilst playing in the sandpit.
  • I teach them about keeping the sand low to avoid it getting in their own and other people’s eyes.

Policy created- 14.1.18

Reviewed date- 1.1.2022