Physical Contact Policy

I am very aware that each child has differing needs. Some children like to be affectionate and show it through hugs, kisses etc others are not so tactile. I am happy to hug, kiss (head or cheek) hold hands, cuddle, tickle etc your child providing both you and your child is happy with this. I would never force a child to do any of the above if it made them feel uncomfortable.

I will restrain a child only if they are at risk of inflicting harm on themselves or others. I will separate children if they are fighting. I will restrain a child if they try and run into the road etc. If I do need to restrain your child, I will document it in my incident book and ask you to sign the record. This is to protect all parties.

I will also need to have some physical contact with your child in order to ensure hygiene routines are carried out. For example, the washing of hands, faces and teeth and the wiping of noses. I am happy to assist with toileting according to the age and stage of ability of the child and to change nappies if required. If necessary, I will change a child’s clothes if they have had an accident.

If you have any concerns or wish to discuss the matter further, please do not hesitate to let me know.

Policy Created 11.2.18

Review Date 1.1.2022