Language Policy

This policy is for children who have English as a second Language.

I have made a commitment to value the language and cultures of all children in my care.

I will endeavour to promote a positive attitude towards bilingualism and provide opportunities for the development of the child’s home language.

I will take reasonable steps to provide opportunities for children to develop and use their home language in play and learning, supporting their language development at home.

I will also ensure that children have sufficient opportunities to learn and reach a good standard in English language during the EYFS so they benefit from opportunities available to them when they begin Year 1.

I understand that:

  • Young bilingual learners need time to observe, tune into the new language and try out things that are unfamiliar
  • Children need to have books and stories that have some link with different cultures, clear illustrations, repeated actions and language patterns and offer visual support in the form of pictures, puppets and real objects.
  • I need to keep activities practical and I need to repeat key vocabulary and phrases.

I will work closely with the family to ensure the needs of their child are met. I will seek their support to obtain books and resources in their home language.

Policy created- 14.1.18

Reviewed date- 1.1.2022