Accident & Incident Policy

The safety of your child is paramount and every measure will be taken to ensure they are protected from hurting themselves. However, accidents do happen and the following information details how the incident will be dealt with:

We will comfort and reassure the injured child while making sure that the other children in our care are safe.  This may mean strapping a baby in a buggy or sitting an older child where they can be seen.

We will assess the extent of their injuries and will carry out any first aid procedures that are necessary and that we have been trained to do

If necessary we will call for medical support/ambulance.

If we have to accompany or take a child to hospital, we will either take the other children with us, or call my emergency back-up cover.  This will be another registered childminder or known responsible adult.

We will contact you to inform you of the accident and if necessary ask you to collect your child from the setting or to meet me at the hospital.

All other children within our care who were not involved in the accident / incident will be kept safe at all times. If necessary, I will instigate my emergency procedures for children who are not injured, ie: using emergency backup/other childminders to care for these children.

After every accident, however minor, I will complete a report in either my ‘Bumps & Bruises’ book or ‘Accident, Incident & Medication’ Folder, this will include full details of the accident/incident. I will ask you to sign a copy of the entry and provide you with a duplicate copy.

If the incident requires any medical treatment we will:

Inform Ofsted (under Standard 3.51 of the EYFS, Inform Ofsted about any significant events)

Inform my Insurance Company.

Contact the PACEY / local authority for additional advice/support.

Contact the local Social Care and RIDDOR if required

It is important that you keep me informed regarding your child’s condition following an accident and if you have sought additional medical advice or care.

Our premises have been checked and they meet the EYFS Welfare Requirements for childminding outlined by Ofsted.  We also regularly review, update and practice safety routines.

Policy Created – 14.1.18

Reviewed Date – 1.1.2022